Movie Review

All right so who wants to watch Devil Wears

But with more murder and color grading.

And arguably better clothes.

Disney released its new live-action Cruella
starring Emma Stone in and as, many months

ago. Thanks to Hotstar we get to watch in
India now, Emma vs Emma, Stone and Thompson.

Such a friggin delight.

As you might be aware, this movie is an origin
story, we find out that Cruella wasn’t always

so, infact her name was Estella. The story
then gives cause to this rebel, telling us

about her poliosis which caused her hair to
be black and white, her struggles growing

up aspiring to be a fashion designer, but
instead had to live the life of a con-artist.

All the Devil Wears Prada comparison check
out kyunki, I suspect Devil Wears Prada ki

Miranda Priestly was originally perhaps somewhere
little bit shayad inspired from Cruella

De vil in Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel, 101
Dalmations. Meryl Streep was the tone-down

version, (her most outlandish demand was the
unpublished Harry Potter, not coats made out

of Dalmations), still she was in fashion,
wore outlandish coats, everyone was terrified

of her etc etc. The title was also, Devil,
Cruella Devil.

This 2021 Cruella movie, originally written
by the same screenwriter who wrote Devil Wears

Prada, Aline Brosh McKenna, takes the original
Cruella d vil antics, and gives them to Emma

Thompson, playing the Baroness, owner of the
fashion house where the young Cruella wants

a job. So there’s a bit of a switcheroo
here, and even though its only mildly clever,

it is rather cheeky and effective and fun.

The Baroness is now Miranda Priestly from
D wears P. She gets out of the car the same

way, walks around her empire tossing things,
has to win at all costs, throws the biggest

parties, her leading male deputy is a very
Stanley Tucci looking Mark Strong. House of

Baroness is no House of Woodcock from Phantom
Thread, while Reynold Woodcock was a detailed,

meticulously created character with many
shades to his twisted personality, the Baroness

is out and out evil, no secondary note.

So while this Craig Gillespie movie presents
a stereotypical villain whose next move anyone

can guess, the novelty factor is all in the
story of young Cruella. Think Cathy Yan’s

Birds Of Prey, showing us Dr Harleen behind
the bat-shit crazy Harley Quinn. One can see

Emma Stone, gifted as she is, perhaps maybe
ever so slightly was inspired by Margot Robbie’s

work in Birds Of Prey. She talks to herself,
is unpredictable, gets obsessed with her own

ideas to the extent of mania, knows how to
recruit a small army, even breaks people out

from a police station lock-up, except it’s
not nearly that intense.

But Cruella the movie holds back a bit. It’s
not as gritty and evocative as Birds Of Prey.

Not saying it needed violence, but Emma Stone’s
Cruella discovering the evil behind her rebelliousness

would have benefitted with a more committed
look at what made the character such an iconic

villian. The highlight of her entire presence
in the movie are the costumes without a shred

of doubt, designed by Jenny Beaven, who won
an Oscar for her work on Mad Max Fury Road

and showed up to collect it wearing a leather
jacket, matlab HOW TO BE LIKE HER? Cruella’s

trash bags gown is all kinds of incredible,
acknowledging her life on the streets, multiple

designs feature the humble discarded newspaper
showing her ability to make art out of whatever

is available, and also the aspiration to make
newspaper headlines one day. Her make up with

The Future stenciled on her face, another
moment where she climbs on top of The Baronesse’s

car, trapping her in with her clothes, it’s
all mega weird, but on-brand as a not yet

a very wise woman, toh is coming up with one
hare-brained scheme after another, pulling

ALL of it off, kyunki she’s just so
shockingly talented. The half-and-half of

her personality really coming through, her
gift and her evil.

Toh while attempting to be more than the cartoon
Cruella who skins all kinds of animals for

fur, but staying less than murderous diabolical
genius, Cruella the movie despite its immense

style, remains an easy, simple watch. The
cruelest thing about it is ki it makes you

want to wear your nicest clothes and go out
and about joh abhi delta variant ke chalte

option door hi dikhaayee de raha hai.

It also makes you want to get a stick and
call everybody “darling”…..but maybe

that’s just me.

The movie is on Disney+ Hotstar, dekhein aap
iss hafte.

baat kar hi li hai, toh Cathy Yan ki Birds

Of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation
of One Harley Quinn) dekh hi lijiye. India

mein its streaming on Netflix. Cathy Yan ki
hi ek aur film about another woman who refuses

to live by the rules, Dead Pigs also if you’d
like to watch, that one is on MUBI.

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